Trondheim, Norway
63°25’20.5”N 10°23’38.6”E

Park and Public Artwork
Completed 2009


Zigzag is the first of three elements to be realized in a public artwork project for the Øya health centre in Trondheim. It is on the edge of the original competition area, facing the popular Students Society building and pointing towards the Trondheim city center, thus functioning as an entrance to the neighbourhood for pedestrians.

The triangular park has been a rundown spot in the city for many years, but with the recent urban development in the area, Trondheim municipality wanted to shape it up for the benefit of the general public.

Our proposal was to introduce a spatial element which would articulate the park into zones, emphasizing directions and visual axes in the area and creating a distinction between walkways and resting areas for the public. The rhythm of triangular spaces serves to scale down the park area and slow down the movement of passers by. Parallel to this, the wall builds up from 20 cm to 200 cm, offering spatial variation and different types of benches at different heights. The end section, facing the health centre works at directing the pedestrian traffic towards the entrance of the main building.

Design Team
Sami Rintala, Dagur Eggertsson, and Vibeke Jenssen

Trondheim Municipality

Ulrika Wallin Johansen

Project Administration
Elisabeth Schöttler

Landscape Consultants
Solem Hartmann AS

Søbstad AS

Pasi Aalto


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