Freespace Manifesto
Video Installation

16th Venice Biennale of Architecture

Architecture, whether a home or a public space that supports life with meaning, will empower people to take better care of themselves, each other and their surroundings, as a contradiction to construction that symbolizes the mere ideas of power and wealth. It is our role as architects to establish a freespace in which to enact for the benefit of mankind. With the the rise of global trade and surge towards nationalism in the world, we see mainly two areas; the economical and the political landscape, where our lives are being challenged.

Freespace is contrary to something you must pay for: Market forcing amalgam architecture that fills the space with a contract to consume instead of one to communicate. More than ever we need spaces that are free to be visited, affordable for everyone. A space that is empty, not because it lacks something, but remains so just until it is filled with the free thinking and action of the visitors.

To counteract and balance power-structures one needs a freespace to think freely in our societies. Every healthy sustainable civilization has a space that allows counter-thinking, critical views, pluralism, even anarchism in their blue-print.