Bus:Stop Krumbach
Kressbad, Austria
47°28'46.9"N 9°55'07.6"E

Bus Stop
Completed 2014


The site chosen for our contribution to the Bus:Stop project is located 1,4 km west of the Krumbach municipality center in a location named Kressbad. In addition to the bus stop itself, the main attraction at this site is a tennis field and a club house for the local tennis club which organizes tennis courses and hosts some small amateur tournaments from time to time. In our approach to the task of designing a shelter for the bus passengers, we felt therefore compelled to address this important activity by giving the building a second function; a tribune where one could watch a game of tennis on the field. This led to a quest for a formal/functional answer to this double task.

In our approach to the site in Kressbad we had to raise the viewing platform for the tennis court to a position higher than the surrounding fence; a solution which led to a separation of the functions into two volumes. With this organization one would more easily deal with the directions which the functions represented and further shape them thereafter.

The choice of materials fell naturally on wooden shingles, a technique with long traditions in the area which gives the buildings almost a corporeal appearance which suited our building very well.

Design Team
Sami Rintala, Dagur Eggertsson and Vibeke Jenssen

Baumschlager Hütter
Carlo Baumschlager and Oliver Baldauf

Krumbach Municipality

Verein Kultur Krumbach
Hansjörg Baschnegger, Tamara Bechter, Arnold Hirschbühl, Dr. Anton Oswald, Gabriel Steurer and Dietmar Wetz

Architekturzentrum Wien (AzW)
Dietmar Steiner

Project Management
Marina Hämmerle

Tischlerei Steurer
Gabriel Steurer

Adolf Bereuter


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