Bathing & Sleeping Unit
Selsøyvik, Norway
66°34'30.3"N 12°58'53.5"E

Hotel, Sauna
Under construction


The project consists of a sauna, a sleeping house and a toilet house. The buildings will be built on the foundations of previous structures for the fishing industry. This gives the outline for the composition of the volumes, resulting in a sort of “rekketun” along the shoreline. The composition creates protected outdoor spaces around and in between the buildings, and the cantilevered roofs enhances the feeling of protection in certain areas. The materiality and choice of color is reflecting the building tradition of the protected trading post of Selsøyvik, which this development is part of.

Design Team
Morten Hammersmark Olsen, Sami Rintala, Harald Seljesæter

Finn Olsen AS

Tømrermester Selsøyvoll

Furniture making
Tind Finsnekkeri

Svartisen VVS
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